Network Solutions 

In current day challenging businesses, reducing cost and minimizing service outage are fundamental to organization’s competitiveness. High availability solutions and server consolidation in a heterogeneous network environment help organizations meet these challenges by achieving committed service levels and the desired quality of service. SJ offers following solutions in this category:

1.  Datacenter Services

2.  Cloud Computing

3.  Storage and Data Management

4.  Business Continuity / Disaster recovery


Datacenter Services:

SJ offers turnkey datacenter services inclusive of design consulting, programme management, build, populate and transfer of knowledge in data center operations. With several large data centre projects undertaken in various industry verticals, and with our own managed data centre operations, we are well placed to provide superior Data Centre services to our customers.


Cloud Computing:

Your employees today are choosing their own working styles. They’re adding smart phones, tablets and other devices and expecting these to connect with their existing desktop and laptop environments so they can get the job done – wherever they are. For most organizations desktop computing is evolving to end-user based client computing. We were there at the beginning of the client computing evolution – we understand where it came from and how it’s developed. So we can take our experience and expertise in desktop deployment and management into the new client computing environment, offering you support